It’s always complicated and cruel if one is overweighted. The medical teams have warned that the victims of surplus weight are liable to die young because they are exposed to various complications that can lead to death.


Every victim will always aspire to lose weight and which has thrust the inspirational energy imposed on this article. There are many reasons to stay not overweighted. We have Marshalled great points and damages staying overweight can aid to human health status. Stick with this and thrill to the knowledge.

Reasons why we shouldn’t stay overweighted

Risk of Obesity

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The same way people get addicted to excessive drug or alcohol consumption professes how victims of excessive food consumption get addicted too. Obesity is a disorder involving excessive body fat that increases the risk of health problems. With much consumption of food daily discounting the normal prescribed human food table, one may emerge to Obesity.

This is pretty much precarious because Obesity would create more room for diseases to invade and attack the body. They would destroy the flexibility and ability of the human skeleton exposing you to possible fractures or dislocation. Plan your daily food consumption and watch your weight.

Risk of dislocation

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The human skeletal structure is staked for a particular weight which when they carry off staked weight, the joints are at a higher risk of being dislocated amidst surplus weight. A victim of surplus weight can easily sustain dislocation at the joints while running or undergoing some home activities. Watch your eating habit and consume less.

Risk of Diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes is always favouritism to victims of overweight which will always result in insulin resistance. Insulin in this point would not be able to control sugar rate in the body which would lead to type 2 diabetes.  This should be a great point for you to watch your weight and stay healthy.

Risk of Hypertension

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Victims of overweight suffer hypertension most times because surplus weight activates the renin, angiotensin, aldosterone system. They also increase sympathetic activity, promoting insulin resistance and leptin resistance, by increased procoagulatory activity and by endothelial dysfunction. Sometimes this leads to diabetes. Keep an eye to your food time table.

Risk of Stroke

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Other damages it causes like high rate of cholesterol, circulating lipids, and elevated blood glucose destroys the blood vessel of the brain and heart which will lead to a stroke-causing a blood clot in the heart and the brain. From research, this has engulfed 30% of the victims of surplus weight which has so far destroyed most of their brain nerves. Avoid eating an enormous volume of foods daily.

Risk of Heart diseases 

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This happens to victims of surplus weight most times when fatty material is developed in the arteries which carry blood to the heart. In this situation, the arteries will be damaged and this will lead to heart diseases. This has destroyed many victims of surplus weight, don’t be a victim. It’s prescribed by the medical team that you consume foods less in cholesterol.

Risk of Cancer

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This is sometimes puzzling because victims may ponder how possible overweight can cause cancer. This happens with the inflammation caused by visceral fat; the fat that surrounds your vital organs. When this inflames cancer would emerge because the body cells are no longer in control. There are a thousand reasons why you should have a healthy eating time table. Take your time and acquire such as a habit.