From research, We have recorded a thousand grumbles and panics over face fats which have so far ruined many blisses of beauty. Everyone is not born fat but some, due to their eating habit, gained an enormous face fat which has destroyed their beauty as they crave for recreation.


This is the main point why we have explored and gathered some face exercises which recreates your face to normal in accuracy. There is no need to acquire surgeries for these techniques has cured thousands of face fats. It’s high time we discuss these great tips.


6 exercises that eliminate face fat


Chewing of gums


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Constant chewing of gums would help eliminate your face fats. Most victims neglect this face exercise because it’s a common activity which we practice all day. Those chewing gum you chew all day creates a lot of impact on your face. They create pressure on the cheek muscles which would help burn face fat. Chew a lot today. It is prescribed that you chew 3 times in a week so to avoid damages.


The spelling of X and O


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It’s pretty much hilarious but this a good exercise which eliminated thousands of face fat amongst victims. The spelling of the two alphabet X and O impacts most especially on the whole face as it contrasts and compresses the face muscles. If these two words are spelt severally, they eliminate face fat and give out a greater result.


Blowing air into a balloon 


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Those memories of your childhood which you always thrill to and aspire to blow air into balloons could help burn your face fat currently if practised daily. Find a balloon and blow as much as you can. They would help burn excessive Cheek fat and give you your desired face.




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This would always amuse thousands but don’t neglect its effects and qualities. Laughing hard contrast all your facial muscles or fat at its best. This help in providing pressures to the fat present which will eliminate them. Get your self in a lonely place and pretend laughing. Portray silence so that you won’t be announced sick. It would help eliminate your face fat and gives you a good result.


Fish like mouth exercise


Kissy Face Crop


This is called fish-like mouth exercise because the victim would emulate the features of fish mouth. Many have testified how this has eliminated their face fat. You should neglect debate and practice this.

Here is how it is done below;

•Swerve to grime

•Practice kissing the air

•Try pushing your cheeks inside

•When successful, keep them still for a long time, at least 20 seconds.

•Repeat daily


Shrinking of the face

Glowinface Face Yoga Exercises For Wrinkles 1 Total Facelift


Exactly how you feel when bearing some huge pains that’s how it works. Get all your face shrunk and stay in the same position for a long time. It would help eliminate face fat.

Having learnt these tricks it’s high time you practice them daily so get rid of your face fat which has ruined your beauty bliss. Remember, they give out results if practised daily.