Victims of skin and face irritation like pimples have been musing to see the end which has thrust many mockery and failures. This is because they lack some hidden simple home remedies which eliminate pimples in just weeks. You could gaze from the mirror and remain engulfed with grief amidst how it forms repeatedly destroying your glamour, it’s high time you get rid of them.


Pimple is developed when microorganism invades the sebaceous glands and infects them. This would result in swollen skin which contains pores. Sometimes these pores are pretty much complicated to get rid of, this kind is known as “The stubborn pimples.”

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There are different stages of pimple occurrence or development which is during puberty or skin conditional features. Puberty is a stage of sexual development in human. At this moment, the varieties of pimples that develop are not caused by any source but rather, they are natural. In the other aspect, skin conditional features, they are the most dangerous pimples which don’t disappear if not treated. This kind has claimed an enormous population of victims; they don’t occur during puberty, they are sourced from human activities which are excessive consumption of Junk foods, Staying under the sun, poor hygiene, consuming baked chocolates, excessive consumption of steamed groundnut and constant contact to the face. We have gathered some home remedies which has cured victims of skin irritation like pimples. Check out below and thrill.

Home remedies to get rid of pimples

Take a regular bathing 

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Victims of skin irritations like pimples are sometimes denied the knowledge that microorganism is favouritism to victims of the dearth of regular bathing because they don’t wash them off. This has so far caused enough irritation to people all over the world. Get a medicated soap and take your bath three times daily. It would help eliminate microorganism and keep your skin save from pimples. It’s is prescribed that you bath three times daily.

Consume enough water

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Water would wash away waste in your body which may have caused the high rate of microorganisms in your body. They are the pinnacle of homeostasis and metabolism. Victims of the high rate of water consumption are characterised by having glowing skin. Medical teams have announced that the best-prescribed way to consume water daily is by drinking at least 7ltres of water daily. Get some clean water and consume.

Dab hot water at the affected areas

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It’s clearly hilarious and seems jocular when we refer to hot water remedy but it works. Microorganisms find it unfavourable to survive at a temperature of 5°C to 0°C and from 46°C up. This is why the medical teams have prescribed this remedy as to a possible answer. Hot water would help kill the microorganisms affecting the oil gland and liberate your skin from face irritations.

How to apply

• Get some water and boil to 100°C

• Transfer to a clean content

• Get a clean towel (must be white)

• Soak into the hot water gently and dap on your whole face especially at the affected areas (do it gently and carefully to avoid injury)

• Finally, get your cream and apply so to avoid the dryness of the skin.

Note: this should be done after bathing.

Abstain from the high consumption of Junk foods like Steamed groundnut, baked Chocolates, and fried foods.

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These foods are enriched with oil which assists acne-causing bacteria to invade and destroy. Additional oil and deceased skin cells seal the skin’s pores, creating a tie-up called a “Comedone” When acne-causing bacteria invade, an inflamed pimple develops. Abstain from these foods and be free. However, most time, pimples are caused by hormones and genetics.

Stay away from direct Sun Rays 

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When there is excessive exposure of the skin to the sun, the oil gland or sebaceous would be forced to produce enough oil which would favour acne-causing microorganisms or bacteria. When they invade; enormous pimple would develop. Stay away from direct sun rays and be free. If you work under the sun daily, get yourself a hat or shield.

Avoid bursting pimples

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Bursting pimples would invite dark spot because in the process of bursting you may eliminate your skin cells and that would eventually cause dark spot. Dark spots are mainly one of the greatest discomfort victims of face irritation like pimples face because it destroys their beauty status most especially in ladies. Get yourself some toothpaste and apply on the affected area before going to sleep. In the morning it would easy to burst or sometimes, it would go off by itself.

Avoid face contact 

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Microorganism invades our face through face contact and the source is clearly from the hands. Avoid face contacts and wash your hands severally. While going for a kip, wear a mask. It would help prevent face contact. You should wash your hands severally, that would prevent them from invading.