BigBrotherNaija housemates Vee and Nengi, on Wednesday night engaged in an argument. Nengi blew up over a sarcastic comment Vee made about her and Ozo.


Ozo, Laycon and Vee found themselves in the same group for the Patricia Bitcoin task but Ozo was seen to be the weak one on the team as he left them in the middle of the rehearsal to be with his love interest, Nengi.

Vee blamed Nengi for distracting Ozo, which led to their group loosing the task.

According to her, Nengi and Ozo did not concentrate during the group task, adding that she was fond of taking out time to be with Ozo which led to their team’s loss.

Nengi felt the statement was harsh and flared up though Vee had claimed it was sarcasm and she never meant what she said.

Nengi who got very angry at Vee’s statement noted there are things one should not joke with.

She said,

“There are certain things you don’t joke with and it didn’t sound nice to me.

“You are rude and I know that was not a sarcastic joke. It was not nice, nobody wants to fail any task intentionally.

“All she said was unnecessary.”

Vee, however, insisted she meant no harm, adding that it was just a sarcastic joke.

Since then both housemates have not spoken to each other.

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