African music firms would always profess the joy and pride the Nigerian music firm has added to the face of the African worths. They have so far proven that there are enough reasons to proclaim that Africa is engulfed with incessant talents.


In Nigeria, qualities are not staked and specific, this is because extraordinary qualities are raised from both Genders. In most countries, females are not valued or expected to carry some greater responsibilities of a higher hierarchy amidst qualities but this is certainly different in Nigeria; Females are super talented and strives for their goals too. This has so far resulted in a bigger dream and has also produced great female artists In Nigeria. They are the best in their various fields but we would discuss Afrobeats. If you aspire to know these great stars, stick with this article. Below are the 5 best female Afrobeat artists in Nigeria in 2020.



The Nigerian superstar who rose to the firm with her single Jamb questions has been proving her worth consistently since her fame. There is no doubt about her qualities as she has so far emerged as one of the best in the female brand of Afrobeat music.

The singer who is poorly described as Simisola Kosoke started her music career as a gospel singer which thrust the release of her debut album “Ogaju” in 2008. Her music passion even became genuine which forced a great quality out. She began the journey of afrobeat and released her outstanding single ‘Tif’ which earned her a profound fan base. There was no choice but to strive harder. Inspiration became enormous and her qualities were infused. She went on and gave quantum of hit songs. She is currently married to Adekundele Gold; the Afrobeat maestro.

Tiwa savage 

Since Don Jazzy introduced the great queen to the Nigerian music firm, we have come out with some pride and bliss to announce that she has made Africa proud with her qualities. The star girl who is described as the African Bad Girl has been at the top for years since she gained fame and this is why she is the best. We would always remain grateful for a higher quality of vocal she has portrayed on her several hit songs so far.

In 2012, the Nigerian big king, Don Jazzy, introduced a young lady poorly described as Tiwatope Savage who took the music label in her grind and boosted their face extraordinarily which resulted in a great level of qualities; Mavin records soured as the best. Releasing “My darling” and “Eminado” with Don Jazzy, we all professed her qualities. There is no doubt the best in her qualities for she is still at the top. Tiwa savage is a gift to Afrobeat.

Yemi Alade

Nigerian songwriter and singer known famously as Yemi Alade, sometimes described as the African Queen have been the pinnacle of Afrobeat and its culture. The qualities she brings to the firm emboss her image as an outstanding female afrobeat artiste in Nigeria.

The Nigerian Afrobeat rose to fame with her single Johnny; a super thrilling song and music video which bagged millions of streams in just a few days. She knew she was a big thing to the firm and strived even harder. Her qualities improved and she topped her game. The African Queen who was born in the year 1989 proved her worth at genesis and won the ultimate Peak show after surpassing thousands of contestants in 2009. There is no surprise she is at this level of quality. She recently dropped an album titled “Empress”


Teni will ever remain an inspiration to many young ladies out there for her quick fame. From researches, Teni was said to be a close friend to her sister and her vocation which is music. This thrust a genuine passion for music in her and she took a step. She released her debut single Amen under the record label Shizi Magic Fingers. This brought her fame but Fargin and Case gave her the satisfying fame she needs.

She gave out a great quality on her songs and earned her spot as the best which also attracted many fan bases to her name. She is currently one of the best female Afrobeat artists in Nigeria.


Following the fame and qualities of his sister, Niniola should be viewed as the best because she is the pinnacle of Teni’s qualities as her senior sister. The Nigerian songwriter and singer known poorly as Niniola Apata rose to fame with her single Ibadi which earned her many nominations and she became known by the whole citizens. The star is regarded as one of the most hardworking females in the firm as she dishes out songs every single month. She was also honored and worked for the buoyancy of Beyonce Latest album “The lion king”