In the history of Music African has always lead the path due there endowment unique and extraordinary gift.

In the olden days, music is mainly played in the gathering of Festivals and special occasions.


The historical region of African Music gives the continent rich and diverse. When it comes to Music in Africa, it mainly on religion and traditions because many region and nation in African has many distant and different musical face.

Music in Africa is used to pass a messages from generation to generation unborn. It is mostly passed down “Orally or aurally” and its not written sub-sadhana African music radiation frequently lies on percussion instrument of every categories.

With drums xylophone, djembes and tones to manufacture instrument like myriad. Thumb piano.

The music and dance of African diaspora, forms exceptional degree on African musical tradition including American music genre and atey carobean genre were founded on the music of enslaved African and have totally pulled African popular music.

African Music has lots of unique rhythmed and patterns often involving one rhythm played. The Asia, India and middle east apart from the mythemic nature of there music.

African Music has a lot of different from westerners music and In some part of combine harmonicons fashion.

African Music aim to explaining life and all aspect of it through by the medium of sound instrument or any parts which presents a particular aspect of life/living or a different character through each lines.

African Music has no written tradition.l, there is little or no written music to study or memories which makes it had to notate. There music most especially the harmony melody and uniqueness , As they are some intonation , rythms which can not be easily translated or transformed into Winston notations.

Another uniqueness of African African Music is the one call and response notation, a voice sings a shot melodic rhythms and the pattern echoed by another voice. African music are also core rhytmatic in nature typically played with drummers. Than improvising new parttern over the orginal which is highly improvised.

The spread of music to western central Africa with Iron Age Bantu-speaking people and to Zimbabwe and Zambezi river valley where probably originated from Kwa speaking west.

African Music is reality of everyday life in African which is also found in every known society or country both present and past in consideration if be counited consequently.

Muse was invented in Africa and has envelope into fundamental constituent of human raise, they are different materials that makes various instrumental sound.

Africans are blessed with gift of singing, they sing in different term and genes such as listed below:

  • Afro beat: which was created and made by FELA KUTI using traditional Nigeria music like Jazz and high life which is often mixed with hip hop this days.
  • Apala: which is more ramped and conversant with Muslims and Yoruba people in west African In Nigeria.
  • Asakoo: is a Cameroonian dace.
  • Benga: this music is popular in Kenya which the electric bass guitar brings the melody of bunya traditional songs.
  • Highlife: is a genre from Ghana and popular in all English speaking west African etc.
  • Fusi: African music is very fun and popular because of the beats, speed, passion, rhythm and uniqueness you will have to believe that Nigeria followed by South African are been called the countries that produced the best musicians so far as far as African is concern.