Black Chully, who is well-known for her admiring beauty and her massive re ar, is a rising Nigerian actress and comedian who is receiving an amount of publicity.

With her challenges and many haircuts, the Delta-born star has been dis turbing the TikTok algorithm.

She debuted on the platform with a bragga- docio video in which she posed to be a female h0od gan gster.



A photo of her pr!vate b0dy went viral on social media a few years ago, although it didn’t raise much of a fuss at the time.

In keeping with her tale, lovely new footage of Black Chully have started making the rounds on the internet today, June 4.

In the video, Chully is seen having a wonderful time and spe wing water from her pr! de.

Meanwhile, dozens of her videos using the hashtag “blackchully video” on Twitter.