A video making the rounds on the internet shows a little boy being viciously tormented by an unidentified man.


The video shows the young lad pleading for mercy while the man tied him to a metal cross and subjected him to multiple electric shocks.

The man who was holding an exposed electric wire repeatedly placed the wire on the metal cross where the boy was tied, he started convulsing as a result of the electric shocks

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While he foamed in his mouth his torturer continued even as the boy kept shaking due to the electric shock and begging for his life.

The video also showed other people present at the scene watching the torture without trying to help the young boy. Some of the adults present at the were laughing while others were filming.

A medical doctor and humanitarian, Dr Yolanda, who shared the video on Instagram called for useful information to help bring the perpetrators to justice.

“Hi my Darlings… I need your urgent help… Does anyone recognise this area… the man or the victim .. we need to rescue as soon as possible… I just can’t process… this.. losing my mind .. just help me find him… please”. She wrote.

Watch video below: