Another smash song called “Loner” by Bella shmurda, a multi talented Nigerian Singer is about to be released which is such to take over Apple Music’s Nigerian Top 100 songs.


Though it’s 6 months of Mohbad departure and every one have really moved on but there’s this one person who has not moved on and it looks like moving on is not yet an option for him.

Considering how close he was with the Nigerian musician Mohbad, who died and his music became very popular on everyone’s lips, how can he move on playing a father role in The life of his best friend only child, trying so had to
fill the space the death of his friend mobad has created, Bella shmurda speaking about his Best
friend said in an interview as I quote “Mohbad Is My Best Friend, My Guy And My Brother“.

We all feel so heartbreaking but I thank everyone for being here. God bless everyone of us; we can’t repay ourselves. We all are free to move on but Bella Shmurda needs more time to heal ,more time to stand for himself.

Mohbad’s death came like a shock to him that till tomorrow he still feels the hand clock should be rewind back to September 12th 2023 so he can save his best friend , someone who fought for him, supported his career but at this point is no where close to him and he is never coming back.

We all thought that Bella Shmurda has moved on but listening to his yet to be released song “Loner“, you would know that this young man is still in so much pain, yes ,he is living his life but everyday brings the memories of his best friend Mohbad fresh.

Although Bella Shmurda is dropping his single titled “Loner” which looks like an attribute to the memory of Mohbad, shows that up till now this young singer is yet to be stronger than he was and needs all the support he can ever get now.

so Incase you have not heard the song “Loner” this is a little verse from the song:

Everything is different since you left
I cannot pretend boy I go try my best
is me against the world
isha oluwa mo fi stand tall
now everybody de hear my song

Orin tin ba ko aye magbo
hallelujah prayer for my mother and my brother oooh since I be loner x2,
me I thank God I still de on top
shebi na me them dey chase comot
Dangote we de share domot
I like my peace ✌️ and I love my joy

I no dey beg for love
As you see me so
i no de stress at all
And I do my best to leave the rest for God cause it’s just me against the world.
You can see for yourself that the young artist acts strong but in him lives pains that need
time to heal