Nengi and Vee’s brewing sismance is under threat as Nengi blew up last night over a sarcastic comment that Vee made about her and Ozo.


Ozo, Laycon and Vee were in the same team for the role of Patricia Bitcoin but Ozo was seen as the weak one on the team as he left them in the midst of the rehearsal to be with his love interest, Nengi.

Reacting to the outcome of the result that saw their opposing team win the task, Vee said Ozo’s unseriousness with the task was the reason they lost.

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Nengi felt that was harsh and flared up though Vee had claimed it was sarcasm and she never meant what she said.

Nengi’s anger stems from the fact that she also found Neo with Vee when he was supposed to be with them to rehearse their wager task presentation.


It is not clear if the sismance between the two ladies is over as they never uttered a word to each other after that unpleasant reactions.

Watch video below: