A viral video shows a 10-year-old boy being caught in an incomplete building while attempting to smoke marijuana, also known as weed.



The little boy identified as Sunday was caught by a man who was questioning him on his mission in the building.

In the video the minor said he sneaked into the building to smoke the marijuana saying he had no intention to steal but only to smoke.

boy smoke

Sunday who revealed he’s an apprentice, learning welding said he couldn’t smoke at the site he was working, so he hid the substance from his fellow workers because they must not know he’s smoking.

When asked the name of the substance that he was caught with, he said it’s ‘Oja (meaning marijuana).

In response to how he got entrance into the building, Sunday took the man to the tiny burglary, explaining how he squeezed himself into the building through the burglary.

Watch video below,