The National Parks and Wildlife Department has detained a 39-year-old Kapiri Mposhi man for owning 12 pieces of Ivory elephant tusks worth more than K100,000.

NationalParks Department and Central Region Wildlife Warden Patrick Sakanga yesterday reported ZANIS’s arrest.


Mr Sakanga named the suspect as David Munkhondya of the Riverside compound which was found in possession of specified trophy cut pieces namely Elephant Ivory with an overall weight of 18 kg.

This is contrary to the Laws of Zambia section 130 of the Zambia Wildlife Act number 14 of 2015.

Mr Sakanga identified the trophies as being that of elephant species Loxodonta Africana.

The suspect was arrested by National Parks and Wildlife Department former ZAWA officers along the Great North Road during an operation in Kapiri Mposhi on March 6th at around 12:00 hours.

He had concealed the pieces of the contraband in a sack abode hid bicycle.

Mr Sakanga said the suspect has since been charged with one count of unlawful possession of prescribed trophy and detained in police custody.