Pocho aka Pochovibes, Abuja-based rap artist and songwriter’s latest track ‘Get It’ is confirmed to be a hustler anthem.


He manages to offer a chill vibe with producer, Retrobooming, which will leave you in a mood to make some paper.

Pochovibes presents a new sound combined with sophisticated lyrics; it’s a masterpiece that you don’t want to skip!

Quotable lyrics:

All these people they never gon get me
I’m on green and I call it my veggies
I’ve been praying for God to gimme the grace cos all the haters wanna tempt me
When I broke all of them no Dey send me
I don fix up now they wannab hear me
I got Triple sole on my feet cos it’s trendy
Never left at the back I’m no mendy… 

Get It is a song for all the hustlers out there who have a dream of getting everything they prayed and worked for.

Listen and Enjoy below.