During the 12-season premiere of the “RuPaul’s DragRace ,” Nicki Minaj dropped some heat as a guest judge.


Nicki Minaj took her role on the RuPaul’s Drag Race judging panel very seriously, but the veteran MC took the time to reward us in the 12th season in a dope freestyle. In the first episode of the iconic drag competition series the Queen was announced last month that we had appeared as a guest judge, and we had finally seen that her role fulfill on Sunday night.

Nicki has a complete explosion evaluating the performance of the drag queens, and she must give her own performance. Some time in her judging concert, Nicki took her Notes app to show for the girls the true meaning of “bars;” she spent pre-written free style.


“First, I’m that b*tch, Imma only say it one time,” Nicki began. “I body all these b*tches with just one rhyme/Chew ’em up, spit ’em out like it’s gum time/Chinese bangs, ponytail, and a bun time/Fat ass, and my titties stay perky/Badass but I’m still a little quirky/American Express in my birky/If he got a real big D he can hurt me.”

“Real rap we don’t f*ck with facades,” she continued. “Came from nothin’ but I beat the odds/Pretty queen tings wit’ young Nicki Minaj.” To conclude her impressive run, Nicki shouted out her fellow judges surrounding her. “Queen RuPaul, Carson, and Michelle Visage.” Let them know, Nicki!