A couple’s video engaging in s€xual intercourse while unaware that live Zoom meeting attendees were able to see them has gone viral on the internet.


During the virtual city council meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, workers involved in the humiliating incident have apparently forgotten to turn off his camera.

The committee conference on the interests of children and adolescents has been organized by the Rio de Janeiro city council. It was chaired by Leonel Brizola, a member of the Socialists and Liberty Party.

According to local newspaper Metropoles, the committee meeting was held to discuss how to guarantee food for students in the municipal system during the pandemic.

The staff member was seen sitting on a bed, naked, with a woman beside him before they began to have s€x in full view of the camera.

The report said the councilors involved in the meeting noticed the s€x act but decided to ignore it and continue to discuss the matter at hand. In a statement, Brizola said the episode was an “involuntary indiscretion” and regretted that the actual topic of the meeting was not being highlighted in media reports.

Brizola said:

“As soon as we noticed what was happening, we immediately asked the people controlling the audio and video of the participants to take it off the feed.

“Us councilors and other participants do not have any input in controlling or editing videos on Zoom.”

It is unclear if the staff member involved in the s€x act has been punished for the incident.

Watch the video below courtesy of DailyMail,

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