Big Bother Naija’s ‘lockdown’ housemate Lucy broke down in tears on Monday night as she regretted the attitude of her fellow housemate towards food.


The housemates had an argument on Monday night about the sharing of food and the hoarding of meals and Erica went to the garden and had a conversation with Lucy after the fracas, directly past HOH.

During the conversation, Lucy broke down in tears as she complained about housemates judging her.

In her words ;

“How do you people sit down and judge me for the same thing I am doing for the good of the house!

“No one does anything for me but when I do they are not satisfied.

“I do things without expecting anything in this house”.

Erica, consoling Lucy, advised her not to over stretch herself in the house but to do her personal stuff.

Erica said: “Do whatever you feel like doing. Do your personal stuff. Don’t over do it and hurt yourself. Don’t overdo anything because you’ll get stressed.

“Don’t expect things from people because if you overdo and they don’t rate it, you’ll be frustrated.

“Housemates are against you because of your shout, manner of approach but we appreciate you that’s a fact. We appreciate your hard work.

“I’m always here for you regardless of everything that happened. I’m here as your friend or host partner if you ever need anyone you don’t have to be alone.”